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Accelerator Cash Account transition support

Following on from CommBank’s decision to withdraw from advised cash, and the subsequent removal of adviser access to Accelerator Cash Accounts (ACA) from March 2022, we’ve launched new online functionality that reduces the effort needed to set up a new Macquarie Cash Management Account (CMA), by populating relevant client account information into online applications.

What you’ll need to do

Take a look at our one page guide which gives an overview of the AUSIEX and Macquarie steps required to initiate opening a new CMA and change of settlement account.

We’ve also prepared a comprehensive step-by-step video to help you navigate our website and follow the process in detail.

To access the new functionality, login and go to the ‘Transition to CMA’ page.

Frequently Asked Questions

After logging into the AUSIEX website go to Clients > Client Management > Transition to CMA.

Yes. As long as your assistant adviser is linked to the client account, they will be able to select the account/s to initiate the request via their log in.

Trading accounts that have the following settlement methods will be available to transition:

  • Accelerator Cash Account
  • Direct debit
  • Cheque settlement
  • BPAY®

Accounts that already settle to a CMA or a third party margin loan are unable to be transitioned, along with minor trust or sole trader accounts. These account types will not appear in the list of trading accounts available on the ‘Transition to CMA’ page.

To open a CMA for minor trust or sole trader accounts, please get in touch with Macquarie and follow their process for opening a new cash account. Once finalised, submit an AUSIEX ‘Change of Settlement’ request.

The AUSIEX ‘Transition to CMA’ functionality only supports the opening of a Macquarie CMA for the purpose of trade settlement.

Should you wish to update the AUSIEX trading settlement account to another cash provider, you will need to follow their account opening process to establish an account. Once the new cash account has been opened please complete the AUSIEX ‘Change of Settlement’ form.

There will be no change to your clients’ current brokerage rate as a result of changing from a CommBank Accelerator Cash Account to a CMA.

The pre-filled request should be available in ‘Manage Applications’ within 2 hours of submitting.

The ‘Sub Brand’ column will display ‘CMA Transition’ on the ‘Manage Applications’ page. You can also filter the list to only show CMA Transition requests. To filter, click on the three horizontal lines next to the search bar, then select ‘CMA Transition’ from the SUB-BRAND filter drop down.

You can bulk select the trading accounts you wish to initiate the request for transition to a CMA. Once each of the pre-filled requests are available in ‘Managed Applications’ (within 2 hours), you will be required to review client details in each individual request, before submitting to the client/s for review/approval.

Your clients are consenting to the following:

  • Change of settlement account to a Macquarie CMA (once open);
  • Dividend redirection (where applicable); and
  • The sharing of their personal data with Macquarie, which is required to pre-fill a CMA application.

Yes. If client details are out of date, you or the primary applicant, can update during the request review process. Whilst the updated client information will transfer to Macquarie, this won’t automatically update their profile on the existing trading account. Please ensure that you inform AUSIEX of any updates made when submitting the final settlement change PDF (Application PDF).

Client details can also be updated in advance of initiating the CMA request using the standard AUSIEX process.

AUSIEX do not require any identification for the request of change of settlement to the new CMA.

When applying for a CMA, your client/s will be required to have their identity verified by Macquarie, as each company is required to conduct their own individual AML/KYC identity checks.

As you would for an ordinary change of settlement bank account, we require a form to initiate the change of details. The downloadable settlement change PDF (Application PDF) contains the CMA account number, client consent, dividend redirection instructions and any updated client details (where applicable). As digital consent is already captured no client signature is required.

We recommend that advisers manually submit the settlement change PDF (Application PDF) only once the CMA has been established. This will minimise the potential risk of a failed settlement when trading.

When the CMA is established, you will need to provide AUSIEX with the form (Application PDF) to enable the update of trade settlement account details. You can download the ‘Create Application pdf’ from ‘request options’ in ‘Manage Applications’. The form can then be uploaded via e-Submit using form ID 1012.

Important: If there were changes to your client/s personal details during the process, please use the e-Submit ‘additional notes’ section to advise us of the update/s.

Prior to initiating the CMA request/s, you will first need to be set up as an adviser with Macquarie and hold valid ESI credentials. These credentials will be used to authenticate you against Macquarie’s online application platform for the purpose of initiating a new CMA.

If you need to be set up as an adviser please get in touch with Macquarie.

The ability to enable third party authority for AUSIEX is part of the CMA application process. Once a CMA has been finalised and the settlement account linked to an AUSIEX trading account, cash balances will be made available.

To close an ACA, clients will be required to complete the Account Closure Form available from the CommSec Adviser Services website.

Clients can continue to operate and access their ACA account after March 2022 through CommBank channels directly, but advisers will no longer have visibility of the account to oversee their client/s trading and settlement out of that account.

Once the selected accounts are submitted on the ‘Transition to CMA’ page it may take up to 2 hours for the pre-filled request to appear in ‘Managed Applications’.

The time taken to complete the request and CMA application (refer to Steps 2-6 in the CMA Transition Flyer) is dependent on adviser and client action.

Once we have received the final settlement change PDF (Application PDF), trade settlement details will be updated within 48 hours.

If you or your client/s no longer wish to proceed, simply cancel the request from Application Manager. If the CMA has already been opened, we will only update settlement details once the settlement change PDF (Application PDF) is received.

Any un-actioned requests will expire and be removed from ‘Manage Applications’ after 90 days. You can however re-submit these via the ‘Transition to CMA’ page at any time.

Once the settlement details on an eligible trading account have successfully been updated to a CMA it will no longer appear on the ‘Transition to CMA’ page.

For any enquiries in relation to the CMA application or account you will need to contact Macquarie directly.

For enquiries related to the trading account or change of settlement, please contact AUSIEX on 1800 252 351.

The request to initiate a CMA application via our website (for applicable trading accounts) can only be done digitally. To manage this process offline with your clients’, please contact Macquarie to set up a standalone CMA and then submit an AUSIEX ‘Change of Settlement’ form.

We’re here to help

We hope that this enhancement helps to streamline the process for opening a new cash account and remove some of the administrative burden.

If you have further questions or require support please speak with your Business Development or Relationship Manager, or call our Adviser Services Team on 1800 252 351.

Published: 18 October 2021