Who We Are

Trusted market expertise meets global technology powerhouse

With over 25 years of experience in the local market and the backing of a multinational trading technology powerhouse, we’re AUSIEX.

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Trading solutions, service and support that gives you the edge

With an unwavering focus on delivering quality outcomes for financial institutions and intermediaries, we aspire to be Australia’s leading wholesale broker. We aim to combine our unrivalled expertise and scale with the very best technology solutions to help our clients grow the wealth of Australians.

Unparalleled Australian experience

AUSIEX specialises in equities execution, clearing & settlement services, and equities administration.

With roots stretching back to 1994, we bring together some of the most experienced names in wholesale broking. Core Equity Services, IWL, Virtual Broker, JDV, Australian Clearing Services and CommSec Adviser Services to name a few, make up our strong pedigree. We have now returned to our roots, as an engine that drives share trading.

The local knowledge and experience of our team is second to none. With over 25 years working with intermediaries, we currently service:


Over 450,000
direct customers

Five of Australia's
top 10 wealth platforms

Over 800 dealer

Over 4,000 advisers

Technology powerhouse

In 2021, we were acquired by Nomura Research Institute (NRI), a trusted and innovative global powerhouse in technology and operations services. NRI have great ambitions for AUSIEX, and are focussed on investing in the growth and evolution of our business so that we can continue to deliver long-term value for clients.

NRI has a presence in every major financial centre worldwide. They are world leaders in innovative, cross-asset, multi-currency, front and back-end financial IT solutions for investment banks, asset managers, banks and insurance providers.

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Established in

Listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange and headquartered in Tokyo

Market capitalisation greater than US$20B

A global business present in 69 subsidiaries across 15 countries and regions

NRI will power AUSIEX with globally recognised systems, development and operations knowledge, and they’re investing in the development of new services, so that we can continue to play a pivotal role in Australia’s capital market infrastructure.

Nearly every trade that happens in Japan touches NRI in some way, and this is an aspiration for AUSIEX in the Australian market.